Now you’ve started your planning, you need an unforgettable ceremony that truly stands out from the rest right? 

Moon and Stars
deliver modern, fun, alternative ceremonies for outgoing couples. The more
unique, the better! I’ll make sure your
celebration is packed with fun, love, and personality.

Your ceremony should be HIGHLIGHT of your day- not the formal bit before the bubbly and dancefloor. So, let’s make it happen!


Bucks railway station


Symbolic and visual elements

You shouldn’t feel tied to traditions that don’t mean anything to you. It should all reflect you and your partner’s values and interests.

So, if you fancy something different to throwing the bouquet or before the confetti shot – let’s explore!

There are SO many other elements you can include, plus they’re a great way to get friends and family involved.

Some options include…

Sand blending
Wine (or Cocktail!) mixing
Paint pouring
Unity candles

Maybe you’ve researched something else you want to include- let me know and we can make it happen!

sand ceremony