Firstly, congratulations on your engagement!

The wedding ceremony itself can sometimes be the part you ‘get through’ between guests arriving and the cocktails, when it should be the highlight of your day!

All too often couples include things they may not understand or feel they have to because of tradition, but it should reflect you and your partner in every way and celebrate it loud and proud!

By working closely with Moon and Stars we will develop a ceremony that is modern, engaging and full of meaning and value. 

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Symbolic and visual elements

Throwing of the bouquet and confetti are just a couple of the symbolic elements that feature in most weddings, however, there are also many others you can include that reflect you as a couple and your values. They are also a great way to include friends and family in your ceremony!

Some options include…

Unity candles
Tree planting
Sand blending
Wine (or Cocktail!) mixing
Paint blending

I am more than happy to include any other ritual or symbolism that you’ve researched or may want to include, so just let me know and we can incorporate it.